Role of Teachers.

The role of all teachers is a professional curriculum map generator and user. Each teacher will provide feedback to his/her peers as
well as receive feedback. Teachers will use the curriculum maps for horizontal and vertical curriculum alignment and the selection of
professional development. The curriculum maps will be used to identify how and what content and skills are spiraled between grade levels.
As deemed appropriate, diary maps can be used in the development of consensus/projection/essential maps.

Role of the administrator

The role of administrator is to consistently motivate. Motivation occurs when curriculum mapping is included in school plans/policies, communicated frequently, connections are made between mapping and other initiatives, obstacles are addressed, and the data collected is used to conduct teacher‐based discussion and in making curricula decisions.

Role of the Leadership Team

It is important that a leadership team be identified that understands and supports the process of curriculum mapping. Key members
include teachers who are interested in curriculum renewal, teachers from a variety of grades and departments, at least one
administrator and, if technology is being utilized, one technology specialist.

The role of this team is to lead and support the mapping process through the learning period into a sustained cycle, to maintain a focus on
student‐centered goals through the review process become professional experts on the characteristics of their schools’ maps and teachers’ needs from the maps, and to find answers to questions and provide feedbackfor teachers.