Review Curriculum Maps

  • Review is an important aspect of curriculum mapping. Interpreting it and adjusting the curriculum to optimize learning IS the goal.
  • Teachers can review curriculum maps in other grades/subjects to identify gaps, overlaps, and opportunities for cross-curricular integration. The review process improve the curricula.
  • Garbage In Garbage Out principle applies here..
  • Early monitoring is important. Otherwise you may have a year's worth of less than desirable maps, so your reports won't be valuable either.
  • Treat mapping as taking a long trip, refer to the map frequently and use it to guide the journey.
  • Curriculum maps are never “finished”.
  • To be most effective, they should be reviewed and revised periodically. It would be wise to allocate time for review and revision during the planning stages, before you begin creating the map. Also consider who should be on the team that will do this step and recruit these people early.
  • Consider these kinds of questions:
    • Have content gaps and repetition been addressed?
    • Does the curriculum satisfy content standards?
    • Have areas for vertical alignment been identified?
    • Have areas for interdisciplinary unit development been identified?
    • Is the pacing of the content appropriate?
    • Is the depth of content coverage appropriate?