Some common map forms are:
  • Curriculum guide - the material that we are supposed to cover in a particular course (i.e. SACSA Framework).
  • Essential Map (An Entire School Year Of Learning Usually Recorded By Grading Periods - District Level Maps ) - A map created by a team of educators (Task Force) that is representative of District learning expectations. The Essential Map serves as the base-instruction map wherein all who teach the course use the map to plan learning and create collaborative, Consensus Maps and/or personal Projected Maps
  • Consensus Map - created by a team of educators wherein all who teach the course/subject use the map as a personal road map for curricula guidelines at a school or district level. All designers have come to agreement on the course learning based on standards and serves as the planned-learning map wherein all who teach the course use the Consensus Map as a foundation for his or her course learning and instruction.
  • Projected Map - created by an individual person for a course or subject before the actual testing out. Each teacher maps out what s/he plans to do for a semester or a school year.
  • Calendar‐Based Map/Diary Map - a collection, a data base of the operational (i.e. what was actually taught by a teacher in one area) curriculum in a school. Every teacher maps what s/he does for some agreed period of time. Everyone must complete this step at least once. Diary Map (Recorded Monthly) is a personalized (individual) map recorded by an individual person that contains data reflecting what REALLY took place during a month of learning and instruction. It is commonly due by a fixed date (eg. the “7th” of the following month).

Mapping focuses on Fair Access and Equitable Education for ALL students…Mapping Establishes Consistency (Essential/Consensus Maps) and at the same time allow for Flexibility (Projected/Diary Maps).

Curriculum mapping is ongoing collaboration and reflection on the realities of what is planned and happening in each classroom - each month and each year!