Based on work by Dr Heidi Hayes Jacobs
The 10 Tenets of Curriculum Mapping:
1. Curriculum mapping is a multifaceted, ongoing process designed to improve student learning.
2. All curricular decisions are data-driven and in the students' best interest.
3. Curriculum maps represent both the planned and operational learning.
4. Curriculum maps are created and accessible using 21st century technology.
5. Teachers are leaders in curriculum design and curricular decision-making processes.
6. Administrators encourage and support teacher-leader environments.
7. Curriculum reviews are conducted on an ongoing and regular basis.
8. Collaborative inquiry and dialogue are based on curriculum maps and other data sources.
9. Action plans aid in designing, revising, and refining maps.
10. Curriculum mapping intra-organizations facilitate sustainability.

Curriculum mapping is a calendar-based process for collecting and maintaining an ongoing database of the operational and planned curriculum in a learning organization. Curriculum mapping encourages teachers to be curriculum designers in collaboration with other teachers for the benefit of the students.