There are both commercial companies and not-for-profit groups that have generated curriculum mapping software used around the world. There can be significant differences in the solutions offered and the level of support provided. These applications are typically priced on an annual licensing basis. It is important to verify that the initial training time is included in the licensing costs and that the training is provided by people internal to the company.

Mapping categories: essential questions, content, skills, assessments, activities, resources were essentially organized by month. More sophisticated applications offer unit-based mapping where mapping categories can be organized around units of instructions for a specific time frame. Unit-based applications offer much greater flexibility and a higher level of reporting, analysis and collaboration capability.

Most applications allow also to align the 'taught curriculum' to any set of educational standards. Certain systems allow faculty to align to state, national and international standards in addition to school-developed standards. Another element to consider when making a purchase decision is the nature of the support provided by the company after the initial training.

Mapping Software Providers:
  1. Curriculum Mapper - Request for a 14 day trial.
  2. TechPaths - Also provide an Assessment Builder software.
  3. Atlas Curriculum Management System - Apply for a Test Drive.